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“Maybe,” I nervously suggested, “I would be better off somewhere in the U. But my Spanish is a little rusty and I don’t know much about it as a country.” She lit up immediately. We really recommend students stepping out of their comfort zones, someplace where a foreign language is spoken. Some were families with small children, others waved welcome signs and greeted their American guests with Spanish sweets. We waited for half an hour with our program directors at the bus terminal, our luggage forming a blockade around us. She waved at us and crossed the parking lot at a half-jog while rambling Spanish apologies for her tardiness.That usually provides the most rewarding situation for students.” She ruffled through her desk and handed me a thicket of brochures. While she spoke, I noticed the posters of smiling American college students in exotic locations that lined the wall of the Study Abroad office. I wouldn’t want to look back and wish I hadn’t played it safe. Maribel was a petite woman with blonde curls that started about a centimeter after the black roots at the top of her head.The living room was off limits (and with it the couch and television). Coffee was only allowed if Maribel brewed it, which she did, once a week.The remaining liquid would be kept for days on the counter, in the carafe, until depleted.

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Our first night in Sevilla, Megan and I dined in style, in the dining room with Diego.

Maribel was a religious woman, but we suspected the real reason she went to church was so she could wear her fur coat.