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31-Mar-2019 13:43

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Unfortunately, I'm pretty useless with building, Terminal, etc. Been tested and working on i Mac Core Duo (Intel 32bit) and Mac Book Core 2 Duo (Intel 64bit), both running OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard Gi MP 2.8.0.

Hi, it seems a bug prevents updating plugins so I post this as a comment for now.

It is in the GIMP plugins folder in my home folder alright. Any help greatly appreciated, as I need to scan a bunch of images which look terrible.

My old scanner (driver) came with a decent descreener, but the current one does not. I have succeeded compiling it for my feline, and since the process sometimes may turn into a true PITA depending on how you installed Gi MP here it is: and here: Hope it works on more macs (theoretically it should work on any but who knows...).

Moreover, the post-Fordist reorganization of production has actually increased the disruptive power of workers at the point of production in some sectors—notwithstanding the widespread tendency in the literature to exclusively focus on the ways in which these changes have weakened workers’ power.

For example, just-in-time production, by eliminating all buffers and redundancies from the production process, has strengthened the disruptive power of workers at the point of production.

The dominant approach in the social sciences since the 1980s had been to assume that labor and class-based mobilizations are a relic of the past.

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