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Don't know any Latin, but really need a Latin love poem? Several poetic genres are represented here, including elegy, pastoral love song and prothalamium - a celebration of marriage (Propertius). These are really some of the best lines of poetry ever written in any language.Their language had long and short sounds, and Latin (and Greek) poetry was based on arranging long and short syllables.Although the patterns of this quantitative meter were very much the same as in later European poetry, it is difficult for us to percieve them.If entire brief poems and fragments of longer poetic works are not what you are looking fore, I am happy to say that I have recently added a page with shorter love quotes and sayings (many of the quotes come from Classical prose writers).

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Rhyming was only introduced as a standard poetic device in Medieval times.Let us live, my Lesbia, let us love, and all the talk of the stern old men, may it be worth a penny! saepibus in nostris parvam te roscida mala - dux ego vester eram - vidi cum matre legentem.Suns may set, and suns may rise again: but when our brief light has set, night is one long everlasting sleep. alter ab undecimo tum me iam acceperat annus, iam fragilis poteram a terra contingere ramos. In our orchard-close I saw thee, a little girl with her mother-- I guided you both--gathering apples wet with dew: the next year after eleven had just received me: I could just reach the brittle branches from the ground.If you can include feelings and sentiments in poems, you will succeed in touching hearts.

The world is witness to some terrific love poems in Hindi.

As great as is the number of the Libyan sand that lies on silphium-bearing Cyrene, between the oracle of sultry Jove and the sacred Tomb of old Battus; or as many as are the stars, when night is silent, that see the loves of men, to kiss you with so many kisses, Lesbia, is enough and more than enough for your mad Catullus; kisses, which neither curious eyes shall count up nor an evil tongue bewitch. I am closest to you When I am far away; Whoever loves like this Rides on the wheel (of Fortune).