Requiredfieldvalidator not validating

02-Apr-2019 02:44

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Both controls provide client-side validation support. The remainder of this article examines the Check Box Validator control in detail (the Check Box List Validator control is not discussed in this article, but is included in the code available at the end of this download).

In both the is False, the Check Box must be unchecked for the validation control to indicate validity.

Numbers like 13, 23, and 37 are prime, for example. NET validation control model to provide validation on the user's entry to ensure that it's prime.

Unfortunately there is no Prime Number Validation Web control, so we'll have to use a Custom Validator.

However, there may be times when you need to perform more complex validation logic.

For example, imagine that you had a questionnaire that asked the user a number of questions in radiobutton and checkbox form.

In such a scenario, you would need to use the Custom Validator to provide the validation logic. NET's validation Web controls contain a required property called With the built-in validation controls, these steps are all performed behind the scenes for us, free of charge.At this point, we have all of the needed server-side functionality for the Check Box Validator control.To add client-side functionality, however, we must add a bit more code.This server-side validation event handler must have the following definition: event has to be wired up to our server-side validation event handler.

Imagine that you run a Web site for math nerds and that you have a form for users to provide some personal information to improve your knowledge of your site's demographics. NET provides a variety of validation Web controls that can be used to validate a user's form field inputs. NET 2.0 for the validation control changes from ASP. NET version 2.0.) Unfortunately, the validation Web controls do not work with the Check Box or Check Box List Web controls.

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