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It was a Sunday and one of those numerous Mothers’ Day events on the Christian calendar.I am not sure I understand why this year’s event was being heavily celebrated.This, for me, forms the major strength of the ad and when you then see the headline telling you it’s “the strongest connection ever”, it becomes clear where this brand really slayed it all.Etisalat is a telecom company and their business, whether in voice and data, is that of connecting people to one another and to (sources of) opportunities.We review the print ad campaigns below in the order of who, by our assessment, delivered the strongest creative messaging to mothers on their day.Etisalat and the metaphor of Strong connection It was Ebubechukwu my son that drew my attention to the papers after the vendor had delivered for the day.The question you have asked is clearly answered in the manual and you are wasting time asking people to read it to you." It's good netiquette to mail this type of answer to another user rather than post it in public messages.We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden.

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The typical mother continues to see her children as “children” even when they are grown and married with children of their own. Greet your Oga for me And that your fine colleague” It is very typical of mothers in this part of the world to send their children such messages.I am a Catholic by religious faith and I am aware the Catholics do not celebrate Mothers’ Day with other church denominations. But you could feel it in the air and brands in the country also took cleverly (as usual) took the opportunity to reach out to mothers across Nigeria and to those who, for some reason are connected with motherhood one way or the other.I am sure that for some husbands, newspapers newspaper, radio and television ads were the reminders for them of what the day represents and was enough to trigger unplanned purchase decisions on gifts for their mothers and of course their wives. Being on a Sunday, and being a day set aside for mothers, who whether you like it or not, are the coordinators-in-chief of the pester power that has been agreed to take as high as 65 percent of the family income, attention will be at the very highest for both print and electronic exposures.He was referring to the lead story in Sunday Punch which put in retroactive perspective, the certificate issues that had befallen past Nigerian political leaders, including President Muhammadu Buhari and formers House of Representatives Speaker, Salisu Buhari.

His second question was why Etisalat used a “headphone to make a picture of a mum and baby”?But there are typical questions they ask their sons and those they ask their daughters, especially when they are working class singles But such questions as asked by “Mummy Yo” in this came across (to me more) like what mothers ask their daughters than their sons.

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