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•Skout: This is an adult friend finder app used by straight people for casual sexual hookups.

•Skype: This is a popular video chat service, sometimes used for sexual purposes.

Like newsgroups, PTP is less popular than it once was, but it is still used to exchange illegal content.

•Pink Cupid: This is an adult friend finder app used by lesbian women for dating and casual sexual hookups.

As an acknowledged expert on the intersection of sex, relationships and technology, I sometimes find myself conversing in what sounds like a foreign language.

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Seriously, she's tweeting my sexts and digits all over town and I'm totally not ROTFL because my wife is catching on.•Adult Friend Finder App: These apps are "friend finders" in name only.In reality, they are used to facilitate casual and/or anonymous sexual hookups.•Instagram: This is a photo sharing service that lets users take pictures and share them on social media sites.

•IRL: This is digital shorthand for "in real life," as in: Do you want to hook up IRL?•Second Life: This is a popular "virtual world" that is often used for sexual gratification.