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But he has resolved to stay put despite being handed a letter yesterday telling him to leave.Steve said: 'I haven't heard anything else from the council, they've not sent us another letter that I'm aware of.'I've consulted my solicitor because I've been living here for seven years with these risks, paying my rent and council tax, and it's not safe.'We need someone to act on behalf of us and I'm happy to do that.The council are furnishing 100 new council flats to move residents into for a more long term solution, which will be ready tomorrow.Cllr Gould said: 'It's a big priority to move people out.'I've been talking to many of those people overnight and they've told me a number of issues which we're dealing with.'People are now coming back from family and friends so the rest centre will fill up again, which we expected.'We're getting to the point of having temporary flats rather than hotel rooms, and there will be 100 new council flats ready on Monday.'Having spoken to a lot of people, they do want to leave, but they don't want to spend a night in the rest centre.'We've got people with special needs, people with agoraphobia or those who need special medication, and we want to get those people directly into secure accommodation.'They can't stay in the building while we do the work, that's the fire service's advice.'As well as spending more than £500,000 on hotel rooms, the council are giving residents £100 cash in hand, and a £20 daily food voucher for every person.She also holds a master’s degree in global politics from the London School of Economics.'They're just taking people's details and saying we'll get £100 but we're not here to get money, even if you gave me £10,000 my children are not happy and it wouldn't make me any happier.'Around 20 households are yet to vacate their homes, with Mandy Ryan claiming a security guard tried to intimidate her as she took her dogs for a walk on Sunday.Ms Ryan, who shares her 22nd-floor flat in Dorney with her son, said the whole experience of the evacuation so far was 'disruptive'.'I was bullied trying to leave the building, [the security guard] stood in front of the door and guys surrounded him and he said 'we need to know who you are'.Some 650 households were evacuated from the Chalcots Estate with less than an hour's notice on Friday following a meeting between council officials and the London Fire Brigade.

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France Chan, 85, who is partially sighted and deaf, is staying put with his wife Amparo Amper, a 79-year-old retired nurse who has owned their first-storey flat in Dorney Tower since 1978.

And with other tower blocks now found to have been refurbished with the same combustible cladding as Grenfell, similar evacuations are expected elsewhere.

With Theresa May facing demands to declare a civil emergency last night, it was estimated the nationwide cost of housing residents while council-owned towers are made safe will hit tens of millions.

Camden Council spent £500,000 on hotel rooms for just a single night, and another £100,000 on food and drink.

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Government cost-cutting plans to ease fire safety standards in new schools have been dropped, according to The Observer.The young leader, who has been in her job for just six weeks, is hoping the council does not have to resort to legal action against defiant residents.

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