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Should you have accidentally initiated the installation by selecting OK, let’s continue, simply Decline the license terms or schedule the upgrade as far in the future as possible (72 hours), then proceed to remove the Windows 10 Upgrade notification as we described earlier.For now, we recommend you remove the Get Windows 10 app, as per in the link above.Individuals who had changed their mind were left with little time to figure out how to cancel the Windows 10 upgrade Right now, Windows Update deposits Windows 10 installation files on people’s computers, regardless of whether or not they reserved the free ugprade to Windows 10.To confirm reports from the Inquirer, I booted into Windows 8.1, which hadn’t been updated in a while, checked the status of the Get Windows 10 app (no reservation), as well as the hidden folder (present, but essentially empty), and ran all pending updates. After allowing Windows to run updates and rebooting twice, an adware-like notification popped up that my system was ready to upgrade to Windows 10.Briefly, go to This PC, right-click your system drive, select Properties, then click Disk Cleanup.Once it has finished compiling files to clean up, click the Clean up system files button.That’s exactly how they’ll give you Windows 10 related updates.

Once an invitation to upgrade Have you been waiting patiently since July 29 for your Windows 10 upgrade?My original reservation had been cancelled weeks earlier, but somehow it still triggered the upgrade, once the installation files had been downloaded.When I clicked OK, let’s continue, Declined the license terms, and returned to Windows Update, I found a failed optional “Upgrade to Windows 10 Home” update, which was released in late August.This will give you the full amount of temporary files, including up to 6 GB of Temporary Windows installation files.

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Don’t let Windows automatically install recommended or optional updates.shrunk, and maybe you even maxed out your Internet data cap? If you’re getting automatic updates on Windows 7 or 8, Windows Update may have downloaded the Windows 10 installation files behind your back…We can’t give you your lost bandwidth Is Windows Update enabled on your PC?