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A "deal" with the Trinovantes (tribal enemies of Cassivellaunus), and the subsequent desertion of other British tribes, finally guaranteed the Roman victory.Caesars first two expeditions to Britain were only exploratory in nature, and were never intended to absorb Britain into the Roman sphere, at that time.0Jesus Christ is Born in Bethlehem5 A.CFlourishing of Carn Euny (Cornwall), an iron age village with interlocking stone court-yard houses; community features a "fogou," an underground chamber used, possibly, for storage or defense.55 B.CJulius Caesars first invasion of Britain.54 BC-43 ADJulius Caesars second invasion of Britain.At least once a decade, something new — a new genre, a new medium, what have you — comes along and grabs society by the cojones.

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Despite early Roman advances, British continued to harass the invaders, effectively.

" Things that are new are inherently unknown, and when something is unknown, a dash of Nothing Is Scarier can be injected.

The girl had been watching television serials all day long although her school examinations are scheduled in November end.… continue reading »

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It’s no wonder then that metabolic circuits have been a favorite of sports coaches for years and are now migrating into the workouts of general fitness seekers.… continue reading »

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