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The Holocaust Museum is a confronting and thought provoking space. I really like that they have spaces for kids as well where they ask the question ‘what would you do? Because it’s relatively easy to judge people and from the safe distance of the future condemn those who stood by and did nothing or looked the other way or even acquiesced.But nobody knows how they will react when faced with real personal danger and danger for their family.This was when I was hit with the reality that there was more of this adventure behind us then ahead of us.Needless to say I was not a happy camper this day so better for Mike and the girls to be out.Our next stop is a visit with Emilie and Tom, the couple we met on Delray Beach, Florida, about 2 months before.We continued our very good fortune in making friends with these two.Of course one hopes they would be one of the brave and would not stand by – it helps to keep the conversation alive and say never again.

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Mike dropped me off at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and he took the girls to the National Air and Space Museum.

The drive was uneventful and we drove up to their driveway just after 7.

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