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After the princess and her two children escape from the captivity, her son Sinhabahu kills Sinha.Prince Vijaya is the son of the lion-killer Sinhabahu, who is the founder of a new kingdom called Sinhapura.Our expansion in Uva, which has been severely impacted by drought and natural disasters in the past few years, gives us the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for many children whose families work on the Uva tea plantations.) was a legendary king of Sri Lanka, mentioned in the Pali chronicles, including Mahavamsa. In Lanka, they displaced the island's original inhabitants (Yakkhas), established a kingdom and became ancestors of the modern Sinhalese people.In this version, Vijaya's grandmother is a princess, whose ancestry is traced to the Vanga and Kalinga kingdoms (present-day Bengal and Odisha).She bears two children with Sinha ("lion"), who keeps them in captivity in a forest.Room to Read is supporting Literacy and Girls’ Education in one of the most impoverished areas of Sri Lanka: the Uva Province’s Badulla District.

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Additionally, it is hard for schools in former conflict affected and rural areas to attract qualified teachers on a long term basis.Additionally, many schools either have no library or an inadequate library filled with old books that are not child-friendly.With 23 percent of the population in poverty, purchasing quality reading materials is typically not an option.Since we began operations in Sri Lanka, we have worked closely with the government to improve literacy education in primary schools.

As a result, we were invited in 2011 to participate in a steering committee led by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education.

This is particularly true in the Tamil tea plantation area and the central highlands area.

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