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MW: In a lot of ways, is a dark novel and what should be the most controversial element is actually the lightest and purest part, providing a respite from all of the failed relationships in the novel.

How have readers responded to the controversial subject matter? BG: So far, the response to that controversial element has been tempered by the scope of the story.

More than that, he's proof that it's safe to eat, when Way has spent most of her life afraid of eating in front of people.

MW: The POV switches in the novel are intriguing, just when you think someone is a background character, the following chapter switches to their POV.

My current obsession is how we deal as a society and as individuals with the invasive presence of media.

So I'm writing about a small town that decides to police themselves entirely through the public broadcast of live surveillance camera footage.

In light of all the dysfunction in Wavy's life, a lot of readers end up feeling that any loving and supportive relationship is valuable to her, even if we would normally consider it troubling.

We may not approve of all the decisions Kellen makes, but he is consistently committed to trying to improve things for Wavy and her little brother.

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He isn't the kind of guy women drool over, but he represents strength and safety to the main character, Wavy.

Every character who shows up in my novels is somebody with a story, and because I'm a compulsive writer, I tend to write down those stories, just in case I need them later.

I like to pivot to characters on the periphery of the main story, because they frequently have perspectives I want to see.

There are some readers who come away deeply disturbed by the story, and there are other people who feel strongly that this kind of story shouldn't even be told. Not everybody has a nice, neat suburban childhood, but they deserve to see their experiences mirrored in fiction as much as anybody.

When I see people saying, "This book should never have been published," I feel more resolved to continue writing stories that reflect the experiences of people who've lived through unpretty things.

What do you make of the outcry and how is Kellen's size important?