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Dong Mi is the antithesis of the shy and vulnerable Na Nan. The way the narrative ultimately answers these questions is unconventional to be sure, but not entirely unexpected.She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. This breaking of formula should appeal to viewers who don't necessarily need or want everything tied up neatly by story's end.Both wrongdoers and victims, they have yet to realize what their partners were involved with. Follow the trials, trysts, and tribulations of four beautiful singles feeling the pinch of growing up in smash hit Korean comedy Singles from director Kwon Chil In (Hellcats). Jeong Joon is too nice a guy, and nice guys in these situations tend to get hurt. The fallout of this relationship will have dramatic consequences for the two once-platonic roommates who finally succumb to the feelings that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time.After Na Nan (Jang Jin Young, Over the Rainbow) loses her job and her boyfriend in the same day, she has only one place to turn to, her best friends Dong Mi (the gorgeous Uhm Jung Hwa, For Horowitz) and Jung Joon (Lee Bum Soo, The City of Violence). After some effort, he seems to succeed and summarily offers Na Nan everything she's ever wanted: marriage, a stable future, and a chance to study fashion in New York. Or does she want to grab her future on her own terms?These three friends have supported each other since childhood and must now face the daunting World of single life, and the anxieties surrounding it, as they fast approach 30. And how will Dong Mi and Jeong Joon deal with the consequences of their one night of passion? First, there's her best gal pal Dong Mi (Uhm Jeong Hwa, from Marriage is a Crazy Thing), a serial dater who's also looking for love and isn't afraid to give Na Nan a piece of her mind with regard to her views on love, life, and relationships.

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Dong Mi tries to warn Jeong Joon about her, but he won't listen.One day, Kyung Pyo comes to this restaurant and he tries his best to spread the word that Yoo Mi's curry restarant is good..--KBS World It's Jung Sook and Ji Ho's daughter Hye Jin's first birthday.Jung Suk's university friends Shin Ja and Mi Sun comes to help her prepare the birthday party.Hyun Soo tells Tae Suk to turn himself in and claims he'll be found innocent.

The prosecutor in charge of this case, Chae Jin Wook, was a fellow trainee with Hyun Soo.

Somehow he ends up sleeping on the same bed with Manager Lee.

Otherwise, why are they wasting their time and your time? In we're-in-the-same-room sex, there's a simple formula for effective dirty talking. … continue reading »

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