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01-Jul-2019 01:17

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Some chatrooms do not have a person watching all the time, but rely on a program that monitors all of the chats and alerts a moderator when particular words appear.

Supervising what goes on in a chatroom, newsgroup, social network or other online service.

Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser but Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari are also available. Originally used for music, CDs are also used for programs and other computer data files.

Many home and office computers now have CD-writers as well as CD-readers and can write—or ‘burn'—data to share with friends.

This may include inappropriate language, the disclosure of personal information or behaviour which is considered dangerous.An email address tells your email program where to send messages.The first part of the address is the name of the person's mailbox, where messages are stored. A fast way of sending computer data over an ordinary phone line - usually used to provide broadband internet access to homes, schools and offices. To stop a computer reaching something on the internet, to stop a program running, or to stop someone from contacting you on a chat service.

Websites that are blocked can't be viewed on screen; emails that are blocked will be automatically redirected into your junk mail; chat programs that are blocked can't be started; people that are blocked cannot reach you online through that particular chatting service.The second part, after the '@' sign, is the name of the organisation where messages should be sent over the internet.

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