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09-Apr-2019 07:22

For a step-by-step troubleshooting method that applies to all versions of Windows 9 Windows XP shutdown issues mostly center around a very few issues, especially legacy hardware and software compatibility issues.

Currently, the leading cause of Windows XP shutdown problems is hardware incompatibility, including driver issues. However, it is impossible to list every possible hardware or driver issue individually.

The links page just mentioned provides a 10-step approach to troubleshooting STOP Messages in general, then itemized analysis on the most common of these.

(STOP messages are identified by an 8-digit hexadecimal number, but also commonly written in a shorthand notation; e.g., a STOP 0x0000000A may also be written Stop 0x A.) Here are a few that may affect Win XP shutdown and restart.

Shutdown problems in Windows XP can be caused by many factors, just like earlier versions of Windows.

These included: a damaged exit sound file; incorrectly configured, damaged, or incompatible hardware; conflicting programs, or an incompatible, damaged, or conflicting device driver.

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(MSKB 313290) This should resolve the powerdown issue in most cases.However, the computer may not powerdown correctly after that.

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