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23-May-2019 20:57

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Safety features like (sure step), (G track) and built-in anti-tipping technology make the TDX SP reliable. Fortunately there were enough workers there to lift my chair back on the sidewalk. I had to call my son to come push me five blocks back home. I picked it up and it didnt get out of the hospital. That took three weeks, in the mean time I had to use a quickie p222se.Nothing is perfect, I've had just recently a couple of motor replacement's and some other general maintenance. Take precaution when going out in moderate or heavy rain put a cover over the controller mechanism and you should be fine. A rear wheel driven chair that was kind of like riding an out of balance motorcycle.I am unable to use a manual chair to get around, unless I relie on others to push me; I Love my independence but at this point I'm ready to junk the TDX and be stuck in my manual.

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This is a 5 year old replacement for my Invacare Xterra GT which finally died after 13 years. I know one guy who beats them to death and gets about 5 years from each. This wheelchair is replacing a 3-wheel scooter I had for years. Footrests got in the way and I got very tired of almost falling forward opening doors or reaching or writing Removed them and put in plumbing pipe (covered with designer zebra tape to match the seat). Does not look like any other wheelchair with zebra fur and tape! Controller wiring is very exposed - causing snagging. Arm design is medieval- not really meant to be raised for transfers. One footboard hinge RUSTED and can no longer b e flipped up. Hand controller itself has been replaced on average once a year. I will definitely look for another brand when it is time for me to get another chair. After less then 2 years use I have had to replace the controller 3, soon to be 4 times; had wheels on one side disengage to where I was swerving off the sidewalk; had the battery indicate full then die Completely minutes later; had it just stop TOTALLY while trying to get home in the rain and it keeps getting worse. It"s disgraceful how long it takes to get parts, unless I pay extra for next day air delivery.

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