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In other web browsers they can be used in combination with the .

Obviously neither example is very limiting, but it will prevent people from entering completely wrong values, such as phone number, strings with multiple '@'s or spaces.

As shown above, once you've added HTML5 attributes to your form elements, they can be easily styled using CSS so that each input field is clearly marked as valid or invalid. If you want something more restrictive you can add a 'pattern' attribute. thx Safari doesn't display any HTML5 validation messages, but it may prevent the form from submitting if any "required" fields are left blank. The red/green symbols are applied using CSS and do work in Safari, but are only an indication of whether the input for that field is valid.


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If you want to restrict the input of a text field to numbers without having the up/down arrows associated with the input box, you can always just set the input type to of "\d " (one or more numbers). So something along the line of important.person@ca would be perfectly valid! Anyone out there know how to adjust the url validation so that it will accept inputs in the following format: no need to force a user to input or https:// You can find a comparison of some interesting regexes for validating URLs here.Of course, if you're having trouble with curly braces in C#, this question would be the least of your worries...@Void King You are correct about the curly braces but if you only have 1 statement in that block you don't have to use them. Personally I prefer Try Parse Exact with a specific format, but I guess there are times when Try Parse is better.