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08-May-2019 20:02

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It is mostly populated by users of the age 12-18, on average, although younger and older users can also be prevalent.These young, immature users vent out irritations and frustrations by using extremely despicable and foul language, harassing others and suggesting violence, such as 'killing' other users or telling them to 'die' or do other self-harm.Habbo retros, in particular, have absolutely no filters or moderation.They're so-called 'moderators' are themselves bullies who use foul language and these retros are all illegal.Of course there's going to be people out there that are rude and nasty.But we try our best to just try and tune these people out! I mean it's good, but just because it doesn't really teach doesn't mean it's so horrible.On top of that users have a certain way of making people believe they're friends.

Although I have said '18 ', this site should actually not be used by any one of a decent background and with morals.

In conclusion, this website and its retros are full of nothing but foul language, disgusting and unbelievable behaviour, extreme bullying and harassment, etc.

It can ruin your child's mind and cause irritation, frustration, and a negative personality development if the child spends a lot of time on such sites.

It's against the Habbo way and we need to keep a nice clean hotel!

" Their working their butts off to try to keep the site up and nice for people.Scamming is a huge problem on this site and many users on Habbo participate in scamming other users.

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