What yhwh says about dating

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Furthermore, the one who has political power, which determines who gets to speak, is more often than not the one who shapes the written record.

The Judean priestly party, in the absence of the monarchy, emerged out of the Babylonian exile firmly in control.

The Chronicler focused on the Judean monarchy and the Jerusalem religious establishment.

The northern kingdom of Israel is mentioned rarely and then only in passing.

Unfortunately, most of the sources cited by the Chronicler, including “,” are unknown outside the Bible.

Some scholars date the composition of the CH to the time of Ezra in the fifth century BCE, others to the fourth century, and still others place it in the Hellenistic period of the third century.

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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.The Chronicler also drew on the Torah, Judges, Ruth, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Zechariah.As would any good historian, the Chronicler cited sources (though certainly not all of them).This neglect may also be due to certain research biases that favored older sources over more recent ones.

Earlier scholarship was often obsessed with the drive to recover the earliest texts, thinking that these texts automatically were more accurate and provided the best chance of recovering “what really happened.” The CH is a comparatively late source, so it was neglected in favor of the DH.

A combined Ezra and Nehemiah emphasize Moses and the Torah.