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"I really liked the Brock and Bautista because of the parallels going back to OVW.It was a classic, traditional Vince Mc Mahon collision course of two massive forces. Bautista needed something different to shake things up for him and Brock Lesnar could have really fit that mold rather well." The hope was to show Mc Mahon the "trail of money" the feud would create, with the rivalry culminating at Wrestle Mania. "We were going to have him leave a trail of wreckage until Bautista said, 'That's enough. I'm going to put down this great white shark'." Lesnar met with both the Smack Down and Raw creative teams, followed by a meeting with Mc Mahon himself. Though Smack Down was confident they'd snag the current WWE Universal Champion, all planning soon came to a halt. "The Flying Gambino" Jason Cade, Santana Garrett vs. Bauer believes that this unique pairing will be quite the strong-style matchup.Tom Lawlor isn't the first MMA/wrestler Bauer's had a run in with.Influential Arab diplomat becomes the target of numerous assassination attempts, when he announces his plan to make peace with Israel by letting them join the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

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That was Vince's very firm way of saying we're not doing business with him at the moment." is set for this Thursday, October 5th at GILT Nightclub in Orlando, FL.

Robert Dapes, Sean Connery, is hired by the Batista government to help steam the rebel tide.

Arriving in Havana Robert finds that there's more then a revolution going on in Cuba.

Previously working in creative for WWE, Bauer recounts a time when Brock Lesnar almost returned to the company in 2005.

Bauer and the rest of the Smack Down writing team hoped to lure The Beast Incarnate over to their show, pitching a number of options including programs with the legendary Undertaker and the rapidly rising Bautista.

The theft of two suitcase sized nuclear weapons, and their sale to a terrorist group, leads TV Newsman Patrick ...