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11-Apr-2019 11:51

He returned for a short period in 2014, but later left again and was replaced with their current lead singer, EJ.In the later months of 2014, group member Roc Royal (Chresanto August) was fired and removed from the group due to him being accused of stealing a producer's car.He began releasing his own music through the moniker "Santo August", but was soon interrupted due to his issues with the law.The trend for the young and talented may have delivered Mindless Behavior their success quite early.Later on his musical interest became his passion and he began following this dream. He joined the boy band, Mindless Behavior and after he began performing with them his popularity kissed the prominence.In 2011, they released an album titled 1 Girl and this album became the massive hit. Edit Industrious and enthusiastic, Jacob Perez was born in the mid 1990s in California, United States of America to African and American parents. We got to hang out with Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal yesterday and they gave us the scoop on the album, touring, their favorite music, and girls. Mindless Behavior has such supportive fans, and we're totally not surprised.

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So allegedly Jay Versace is tired of Princeton pretending to be straight while he’s in his inbox trying to get with all his friends’ except Jay.

“We wanted #Official MBMusic to showcase our growth as artists and entertainers.