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In fact, in the case of his Letter to the Corinthians, Paul must restrain a group of people having unbridled sex, in light of the fact that the end was coming, even to the point of one man sleeping with his step-mother!Marriage was only a temporary remedy to prevent "end time" lust.After the religious zealot Paul had his Damascus experience, he too expanded on the apocalyptic program.

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And with this paradigm shift and the subsequent growth of Christianity, there arose the need to secure Christian family legacy in infant baptism, marriage and the other sacraments, as did the mainstream Jewish family through circumcision and the law earlier.

After Thursday’s game, we confirmed what had been rumored all day: Brown lost one of his best friends, Trevin Steede, on Wednesday night.

Steede could often be seen in Brown’s Instagram stories, and vice versa.

First and foremost Jesus was a Messiah, an apocalyptic Jew, a king to be -- like Caesar.

As one Gospel tells us, a Man who "brought a sword, not to unite, but to divide brother with brother." His words reflect this battle and God's reign, and like the Apostle Paul, he saw the world as rushing toward this end.And though Jesus had fellowshipped with women and appeared to them at his resurrection, and Paul had used the homes of business and political women of his day, like Lydia and Phoebe, and worked with Prisca as partners, now elders, preachers and teachers had to be men. E., won his rule with a mandate to reverse the moral decline of the past century, passing reforms directed at the restoration of "family values." Professor of New Testament, David Balch, quoting ancient sources, writes, "Greco-Roman handbooks were written by doctors to advise on sexual intercourse and childbearing," "warning that an excess of sexual activity, produces physical and spiritual weaknesses." Augustus made adultery a crime and forced Romans to marry and have a certain number of children, by establishing financial penalties for failure to do so.