Xbox 360 achievements gamerscore not updating

04-Apr-2019 12:12

To do this open Server Manager on the Domain Controller.Server Manager Select File and Storage services, then click Shares. Configure three settings in this GPO: Turn on Loopback processing.Create a temporary user and add this user to the Domain Admins group.This is probably too much, but since it’s a temporary user I don’t care about that. Log on to the Full Desktop using the temporary user to redirect the contents of the default Start Menu to the redirected Start Menu folder structure.In an unrelated matter, Ybarra also tweeted recently that his previous tweet that contained a picture of an Age of Empires elephant was not a tease for a new game. I got several requests and questions about customizing and managing a redirected Start Menu when using a Full Desktop session collection.

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That’s why I left “Move the contents of Start Menu to the new location” checked in the Settings tab for the redirection policy.This is not a requirement, but was part of another experiment.