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docs blame it on the fact that if a patient comes in they expect a prescription..has led to a total systemic problem in which almost EVERYBODY has has their intestinal flora destroyed by antibiotics....commonly called "wide-spectrum" because they indiscriminately kill all bacteria beneficial and otherwise...i said it's deep subject.sincere hope is that ONE person suffering these conditions would google probiotics, go get some and .......... I had a sinus infection just a while ago...first time I've ever had to go on antibiotics..since then... I wated for about a week before seeing a doctor and within 3 days of anti-biotics I was good as gold and fully recovered in a week... I swear It weakened my immune system so much thats why I've need anti-biotics a few times since..within the span of a year...

I fixed my sinus problems by putting a air purifier in my one I got is called freshair machine by produces ions and ozone(adjustable) to cause particles to drop from the air and the unit turns odors to turn to 1.5 minutes it will eliminate the smell of ammonia from a knapkin,or onion from your hand,ozone kills bacteria,molds mildew,it's pretty amazing...

You add 1 heapin teaspoon of salt and 1 level teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of water.

Pour some into a cup and squirt it into your nose with a bulb syringe. It actually does solve alot of health problems to drink alot of pure water often. Has someone come in and cleaned the ductwork in your house recently?

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PROBIOTICS can change your life..is a deep subject and i am routinely ignored when i post about it.....antibiotics are MASSIVELY abused in the medical system.

Dont let them test you for everything under the sun to jack up your bill.

Sounds like you probably have a an infections and those shots will do wonders.

Some people get on a kick and then stop altogether.

Neti Pots are preferable to sprays, though more cumbersome, because they only use gravity to induce the fluid and so are more gentle to the sinuses.If you have a bad infection, you'll probably need some antibiotics or even some sort of natural remedy to kick it.

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